Fidelity unveils new multi-asset funds

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The fund is led by the portfolio management experience of Mark Schmehl, Jeff Moore and Michael Plage. With a strong track record in equities, Schmehl seeks companies that are poised to benefit from innovative emerging technologies or business models. On the fixed income side, Moore and Plage will aim to generate income and provide risk mitigation by investing in global investment-grade bonds, high-yield debt securities, and other fixed-income instruments.

“By bringing Mark’s focus on positive change and Jeff’s and Michael’s focus on income and risk mitigation, this Fund can serve as a core holding for advisors and investors aiming for strong risk-adjusted returns with lower volatility,” Creelman said.

Fidelity has also launched its new Fidelity All-in-One ETFs, which promise exposure to a globally diversified portfolio of stocks and bonds, on the NEO exchange. Also available in mutual fund versions, the asset-allocation ETFs are sub-advised by Geode Capital Management and will provide broad market exposure using Fidelity Factor ETFs as well as Fidelity’s systematic and active fixed-income management.

The Fidelity All-in-One Balanced ETF (FBAL) aims for capital growth through total returns using a strategic allocation approach, which generally follows a neutral mix of 60% global equity securities and generally follows a neutral mix of 60% global equity securities and 40% global fixed income securities.

Meanwhile, the Fidelity All-in-One Growth ETF (FGRO) also seeks capital growth with a strategic allocation approach, though it places generally more emphasis on equities. It generally follows a neutral mix of 85% global equity securities and 15% global fixed-income securities.

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