Palace Responds to Claims That the Queen Lobbied to Hide Her “Embarrassing” Private Wealth from Public

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Some drama out of Buckingham Palace for you this morning! The Guardian recently released a somewhat bombshell report alleging that the Queen “successfully lobbied the government to change a draft law in order to conceal her ’embarrassing’ private wealth from the public.”

This went down in the 1970s, and “placed a veil of secrecy over the Queen’s private shareholdings and investments until at least 2011.” The Guardian discovered the Queen’s alleged lobbying while conducting an investigation into “Queen’s Consent,” a parliamentary procedure that “requires ministers to alert the Queen when legislation might affect either the royal prerogative or the private interests of the crown.”

According to The Sun, a spokeswoman for Buckingham Palace shut down this report. Ahem:

“Queen’s Consent is a parliamentary process, with the role of sovereign purely formal. Consent is always granted by the monarch where requested by government. Any assertion that the sovereign has blocked legislation is simply incorrect.”

Wait, there’s more!

“Whether Queen’s Consent is required is decided by Parliament, independently from the Royal Household, in matters that would affect Crown interests, including personal property and personal interests of the monarch. If consent is required, draft legislation is, by convention, put to the sovereign to grant solely on advice of ministers and as a matter of public record.”

Kay, honestly this series of sentences was confusing, but what I’m getting is that the Palace is not here for claims that the Queen is intentionally hiding her wealth. And speaking of her wealth, the true sum is literally unknown. But as The Washington Post notes, Her Majesty’s net worth was recently estimated to be $480 million by the Sunday Times Rich List. DANG.

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