Mutual Fund Monthly Commentary: Highlights by IDBI Capital

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AUM of the mutual fund industry decreased by 1.69% MoM (Rs 52345 cr) to Rs 30.5 Lakh cr in Jan 2021. On YoY basis, the total AUM of Mutual Fund increased by 9.49%. Average AUM (AAUM) of the Mutual Fund industry increased by 2.8% MoM. On YoY basis, the Total AAUM increased by 13%. In Jan 2021 net outflow from for the industry was at Rs 35587 cr as against net inflow of Rs 2968 cr in Dec 2020.

Income / Debt Oriented Schemes:

AUM of Income/Debt funds decreased by 2.07% MoM basis; these categories witnessed net outflow of Rs 33502 cr in Jan 2021. AUM of Liquid fund decreased by 11.6% MoM; this category witnessed net outflow of Rs 45316 cr; while AUM of Gilt Fund decreased by 0.1% MoM. Further it registered a net inflow of Rs 11 cr in Jan 2021.

Growth / Equity Oriented Schemes:

AUM of Equity Oriented Schemes decreased by 2.32% (Rs 21749 cr) to Rs. 9.15 Lakh Cr in Jan 2021. Further it registered net outflow of Rs 12194 cr as against net outflow of Rs 13121 cr in Dec 2020. AUM of Multi Cap, Large Cap, Mid Cap, Small Cap & ELSS decreased by 47.66%, 3.38%, 1.22%, 2.36% & 2.77% respectively; these categories registered net outflow in Jan 2021. Funds mobilized from 1 newly launched Open-ended schemes (Sectoral Thematic Fund) were to the tune of Rs 4185 cr.

Hybrid Schemes:

AUM of hybrid Schemes decreased by 0.1% (Rs 329 cr) to Rs 3.17 Lakh cr in Jan 2021. Further its registered net inflow of Rs 2142 cr as against outflow of Rs 5932 cr in Dec 2020. AUM of Arbitrage Fund increased by 7.77% in Jan 2021. Further its registered net inflow of Rs 5235 cr.

Other Schemes:

AUM of Gold ETF increased by 2.17% MoM ; further its registered net inflow of Rs 625 cr. AUM of Other ETFs increased by 0.21% MoM ; further its registered net inflow of Rs 6133 cr. AUM of FOF Investing Overseas increased by 8.66% MoM and registered net inflow of Rs 755 cr

Equity Investments by Mutual Funds and FIIs:

Domestic mutual funds were net equity sellers for the last 8 months. Mutual Funds were net equity sellers to an amount of Rs 12980 cr as against net sellers of Rs 26428 cr in Dec 2020. FIIs were net Buyers in equities in Jan 2021. In Jan 2021 FIIs were net equity Buyer for an amount of Rs 14512 Cr as against net buyer of Rs 53499 cr in Dec 2020 in Jan 2021.


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