Former Trump economic adviser Stephen Moore blasts Biden’s economic plan as ‘negative for jobs’

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Former Trump campaign economic adviser Stephen Moore says President Biden’s $1.9 trillion economic relief package is a “negative” for the economy that could cost jobs.

Moore skewered the plan that aims to extend unemployment benefits and give a round of $1,400 direct payments to many Americans as “one of the most massive expansions of the welfare state in our history” in a discussion hosted by the Beacon Hill Institute on Tuesday.

“We estimate that many, many Americans are going to be paid over $60,000 this year for not working and we think that will have significant negative effects on unemployment,” Moore, who served as an economic adviser to Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign and advised Herman Cain’s 2012 bid, said, adding that it could “lose about 6 million jobs over the next six months.”

“This is not a job creator, it’s a negative for jobs,” he added.

Moore also harangued Biden over his adoption of several of the progressive movement’s economic policies.

“This is the Bernie Sanders agenda — we’re getting the increase in the minimum wage, mandatory parental leave policy, you know, all of the fossil fuel policies, canceling the Keystone Pipeline,” Moore said.

Moore touted former President Donald Trump’s economic achievements — his tax cuts and historically low unemployment for Black and Hispanic people — even as he called his recent actions surrounding the 2020 presidential election “indefensible.”

“His horrific behavior between the time of the election and his leaving office, which is indefensible in my opinion — and I’m a friend of Trump’s and I admire what he did for the country greatly — but I cannot defend his behavior since the Election Day and actually preceding it,” Moore said.

Moore largely blamed Trump’s election loss on the pandemic, saying he otherwise would have won in a “landslide.”

“The ‘red-state’ model of lower taxes, less regulation, right to work, keep your economy functioning, keeping your schools open, that’s the model,” Moore said. “Unfortunately, states like Massachusetts and New York and Connecticut and California and my home state of Illinois are losing their resources because people are opting for economic freedom.”

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