Stock Market Tips: Health vs Wealth! Here is what Anil Singhvi says on soaring COVID-19 cases and its impact

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Stock Market Tips: Zee Business Managing Editor Anil Singhvi has been vocal about the rising cases of COVID-19 in India. The Market Guru said that market is not going to be hit as badly as it was around this time exactly last year as people are not as panic-stricken as they were then due to the spread of the deadly pandemic. Now, we have treatment and vaccines available to counter Coronavirus spread. However, the Market Guru warned that the comfort and the confidence should not turn into overconfidence. In the end, remember, health comes ahead of wealth, Singhvi said.

Speaking on the rising cases of COVID-19 and its impact on stock market, Anil Singhvi said, “The rising cases of COVID-19 is a matter of concern but not of that level as it was in 2020. Today, we have treatment and vaccines available to counter COVID-19 spread and hence, there is a high level of comfort and confidence among millennials especially. So, the market is expected to remain unaffected by the rising cases of COVID-19. However, I would like to add that the comfort and confidence seem to have converted into overconfidence and it’s a matter of concern.”

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Advising people to abide by the government guidelines to contain Coronavirus spread Zee Business Managing Editor said, “People becoming careless about Coronavirus is one of the major concerns for the market as any chance of lockdown, which currently seems improbable, may well hit the market badly.”

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Singhvi said that people are still debating the health vs wealth question and advised them to choose health ahead. Reason is that a healthy person can always earn wealth. He categorically said that market would react sharply on any news of lockdown, even partial lockdown, so one needs to be ready for that as well.

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