UK in full-blooded 'trade war' with EU – Brexiteer tells Boris to get tough

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Speaking to, the Tory MP warned the Prime Minister to be ready for further attacks from Brussels. The EU is yet to formally ratify the deal and until it does, Mr Bridgen claimed it is utilising the added time to punish the UK for leaving the bloc. Not only is the EU exerting full pressure on the UK but the MP also claimed Brussels cannot be considered an ally of Britain post-Brexit.

Mr Bidgen said: “We’re actually in a trade war.

“And it’s amazing that the EU are complaining about us and putting us in court over a treaty that they haven’t actually ratified.

Amid issues translating the Trade and Cooperation Agreement, the UK Government approved an extension to the deadline to formally approve the deal.

Despite the UK extending the deadline, tensions have soured with the EU after David Frost’s move to unilaterally extend the period for goods moving between Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Although welcomed by businesses in Northern Ireland, the EU Parliament decided to delay a vote to ratify the Brexit deal indefinitely.

Mr Bridgen added: “Well, we’ve been flexible with them because they’ve asked, they’ve asked for more time to ratify the deal.

“We’re actually in a trade war until they’ve actually ratifed the deal.

“It’s very hard for us to respond to the EU, actually, which is why they’re doing it like this.

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The protocol was brought in to ease trade but following the UK’s exit from the EU, businesses have experienced issues due to the increased customs checks.

The DUP has also claimed Northern Ireland has been left isolated from the rest of the UK and accused the EU of being hysterical.

Checks on certain agri-foods, British meat, soil and parcels have now been suspended until October in order to help businesses.

The EU has now begun the infringement process this week against the UK, claiming the Government violated the terms of the Brexit deal.

The European Commission has ordered the UK to reverse its decision to extend the checks on goods and urged London to work to implement what was agreed in the protocol.

In response, Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab claimed the EU is attempting to erect a barrier down the Irish Sea.

He said: “It is the EU that by trying to erect a barrier down the Irish Sea between Northern Ireland and Great Britain that is challenging the spirit of Northern Ireland Protocol and the Good Friday agreement.

“I hope that our friends on the Hill on all sides of the house, and both houses, are equally robust in picking up when the EU undermines the agreement.”

“The most overt political threat to the agreement and ultimately the Good Friday agreement has been the politicised way the EU has gone about things.”

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