IFIC: Mutual fund assets up $35 billion in February

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Among long-term funds, net sales were up balanced and equity funds but down for bonds.

Balanced fund net sales totaled $8,745m compared to $4,980m in January; equity fund sales rose to $6,490m from $4,218m; and bond fund sales decreased to $2,482m from $3,096m.

Total money market funds registered a net redemption of $957m in February, down from $1,485m in January.

For ETFs, equity funds saw the largest gains, with net sales rising to $3,471m from $2,178m. Balanced fund sales were down from $495m to $477m, while bonds were down from $1,309m to $1,172m.

How the stats are compiled

Mutual fund data is adjusted to remove double counting arising from mutual funds that invest in other mutual funds. ETF data is not adjusted to remove double counting arising from ETFs that invest in other ETFs.

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