Larry Kudlow blasts Biden blaming border crisis on Trump: 'Nobody buys it'

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Fox Business host Larry Kudlow slammed President Biden for blaming former President Trump for the immigration surge at the border on “Kudlow.”

You know, nobody buys it. They ought to man up and acknowledge this: It was Mr. Trump who handed them a clean, calm, secure border that was President Trump. The hemorrhaging and surging of illegals essentially was stopped.

And blaming Trump, just like the vaccines, Trump’s operation warp speed handed over 1.5 million daily vaccines by inauguration day. And here’s another one, president trump created not one – but two economic recoveries because of his prosperity, incentive oriented policies. Mr. Trump generated a massive recovery pre-pandemic. And then building on that fundamentally sound economy, he presided over a bi-partisan relief package that bridged to the ‘v-shaped’ recovery during the pandemic. The benefits we are still seeing now if they don’t screw it up with major taxes and regulatory interventions.


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