Top stocks to buy for big gains: These PSU shares posted over 75 per cent returns in last 3 months

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With the market inching to new heights every session with minute correction, here are the list of few small and mid-cap public sector stocks that could have got you around 75 per cent returns, provided you have invested in it since the beginning of the year. However, the bus is not missed yet though considering the trajectory growth of these stocks till date.

Of many PSU stocks that proved their mettle in terms of returns, Hindustan Copper, MSTC Limited, MMTC Limited and NBCC Limited have topped the chart with most gains in the small and mid-cap PSU stocks year-to-date (YTD).  

Hindustan Copper has surged most with over 100 per cent return. The stock was trading at Rs 62.10/apiece and in couple of months it has crossed triple digit mark and is trading between Rs 120- 130/ apiece. The highest-level stock had reached to Rs 157.30 on March 1.

Hind Copper is a showstopper in the BSE Mid-cap Index as well as in the BSE Metal Index. In YTD, it has achieved an valuation of over 160 per cent as compare to its peers.

Followed by Hind Copper, the second mid-cap stock that has been buzzing since YTD is MSTC Ltd. The stock has posted over 90 per cent returns in the last couple of months. In the beginning of 2021, the stock was at around Rs 170/apiece, however, within couple of months it has rose to almost double the price it was in the year beginning.

In the second week of February, MSTC posted its so far biggest YTD gain between Rs 365 to 355 per share. The stock’s valuation has been almost 100 per cent, and it’s at much higher as compared to the group it falls under: BSE Small-Cap Index and BSE CDG&S Index.

The third in number is MMTC Ltd stock that has reported around 75 per cent returns YTD. The stock in the beginning of new year was trading at half of the price what it is today.

The stock hit the half-century in the start of March, and it was the highest YTD performance of MMTC. A fully owned central government subsidiary has got over 90 per cent of valuation as compared to the pack it falls under: BSE Small-Cap Index and BSE CDG&S Index.

Reality being the most vouched for sector, NBCC is slowly crawling to the sucess story. It grew over 60 per cent this year. The doubled its performance from beginning of the year to till date. The stock with minute correction is been trading at Rs 47.65/ apiece. NBCC has also turned to be a leader of the pack with a valuation of over 50 per cent as compare to the group it falls under: BSE Small-Cap Index and BSE Reality.

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