Wisdom to Wealth- Monday, March 29

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John Halterman: Were you aware that when you put money into a tax deductible, tax-deferred account, that you’re basically creating a tax bomb. And what I mean by that is you got a tax deduction today at a very low tax bracket. And then down the road, you’re gonna pay that money as ordinary income. So depending on the tax bracket or depending on where we are with taxes, that easily could go up and boom, you end up paying more taxes down the road. Another thing that people don’t think about is they say well, we’ll be in a lower tax bracket. And I’ll say, “really?” Because if you’re successful and you want to have the same income, well, you’re probably saving at a rate that’s going to allow you to maintain the same lifestyle. And so what we know is, if that’s the case and taxes go up, you’re probably going to pay taxes. So I tell people all the time, you gotta be thinking tax free. Anything that we can do to create tax-free strategies is going to be a bonus for you. So, for more answers, call me or visit our website today.

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