VIDEO: Red tape must be cut to allow alluvial diamond sector to create wealth, jobs

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Tapping into the earth’s treasures is in the blood of Amo Marengwa. Marengwa’s father, Ben Marengwa, was the first black geologist in South Africa.

After Ben Marengwa passed away in 2007, Amo and his three brothers decided to continue their father’s projects, one of which was mining for alluvial diamonds in the North West village of Taung.

Diamond mining is traditionally associated with big mining operations like De Beers, and involves the mining of kimberlite pipes containing diamonds.

Alluvial mining, however, involves the mining of diamonds that had been washed away from eroding kimberlite pipes and had settled on the bottom of ancient river beds.

Operations now at a standstill in Taung at the site of the Maraweng brothers’ alluvial diamond mining plant. Video: Supplied

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