Algeria: Upgrading Culture From Consumer Sector to Wealth-Generating Sector

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Algiers — Prime Minister Abdelaziz Djerad called on Saturday for upgrading Culture from a consumer sector, a burden on the State budget, towards a sector that creates wealth and jobs.

In his opening address to the Cultural Economy Forum, held at the Abdelatif-Rahal International Conference Center under the high patronage of President of the Republic Djerad urged “the efforts to be combined to develop the Culture from “a consumer sector, constituting a burden for the State budget, towards an economic sector that produces wealth and creates jobs. The Culture sector is set to contribute to the rehabilitation of Algeria in the world tourism system.”

Djerad called for intensifying scientific initiatives with a view to “activating the economy of culture, by strengthening the educational role of culture and materializing the complementarity between the educational public service and the cultural public service.”

The Prime Minister emphasized the need to invest in the close relationship between Culture and the development of tourism, through cultural content that enhances heritage, archaeological sites, museums and ancient cities.

The enterprise implies a judicious strategy which guarantees the conditions of success in order to achieve a sustainable development, chiefly infrastructure and qualified human resources, he stressed.

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