AC Valhalla Grantebridge Wealth: Locations Of All 21 Grantebridge Wealth Items

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AC Valhalla is a tremendous game in size, simply finishing the prologue of the game takes the players hours. AC Valhalla makes a different universe for the players to take a dive in. This world has various activities, missions, side excursions, and altogether more activities. Players can either dive into the campaign and start doing missions straight away or wander and take in the dazzling heavenliness of the game. The player has the absolute chance to be the Viking they should be in the game. Many have asked about AC Valhalla Grantebridge Wealth.

AC Valhalla Grantebridge Wealth

In AC Valhalla all districts contain a specific measure of abundance that the players can hoard. This abundance can be considered as money, weapons, outfits, and that’s just the beginning. Tracking down all the abundance in these areas helps the player push 1 stride ahead to 100% fruition and furthermore assists them with updating their character in the game. Numerous players are making some intense efforts searching for Grantebridge Wealth Locations. In total there are 21 Wealth items that players can collect at Grantebridge, check them out below:

Carbon Ingots

  • Carbon Ingot 1: Urbech
  • Carbon Ingot 2: Grantebridge Enemy Outpost
  • Carbon Ingot 3: Walden
  • Carbon Ingot 4: Besuncen Tor
  • Carbon Ingot 5: Soham Hideout
  • Carbon Ingot 6: Wandrie
  • Carbon Ingot 7: Earnningstone

Books of Knowledge

  • Incendiary Powder Trap: Walden
  • Dive of Valkyries:  Isle of Ely Monastery Raid
  • Rush & Bash: Ravensburg
  • Mark of Death: Meldeburne Raid


  • Cargo 1: Isle of Ely Monastery Raid
  • Cargo 2: Isle of Ely Monastery Raid
  • Cargo 3: Isle of Ely Monastery Raid
  • Cargo 4: Meldeburne Raid
  • Cargo 5: Meldeburne Raid


  • Kite Shield: Wandrie
  • Housecarl’s Axe: Urbech
  • Huntsman Breeches: Soham Hideout
  • Huntsman Armor: Ravensburg
  • Huntsman Vambraces: Bensuncen Tor

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This is all the wealth the players can muster from the Grantebridge location. Gathering all the wealth will outfit the player with a huge amount of supplies, new gear, and new attacks for their enemies. Along with the wealth, the players can also attempt to solve all the Grantebridge mysteries in AC Valhalla.

Mysteries can include Cairns, Offering Altars, Flytings, Treasures of Britain, World Events, Legendary Animals, Lost Drengrs, Daughters of Lerion, Animus Anomalies, Fly Agarics, Standing Stones. Mysteries are marked with a blue icon on the map and are considered as side quests. Collecting all the wealth and completing all the mysteries of a specific location will take the players a step ahead to 100% completion of AC Valhalla.

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