My Hero Academia Is Flexing Hard with All Might's Wealth

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My Hero Academia is moving ahead with one of its most intense arcs right now. The manga is paying close attention to Izuku as the hero works solo around Tokyo to clean up a mess made by All For One. Luckily, he has All Might helping him out, and the manga is letting the Symbol of Peace flex for once.

If you have checked out the manga’s latest chapter, then you will know what’s up. The story began with Izuku going out on a mission after he noticed a mob of civilians ganging up on a woman at night. The group thought the woman was part of the villains going around, but Izuku managed to diffuse the situation. It was there All Might showed up, and he did so in style.

After all, the hero came squealing in with a sports car at hand. All Might is driving a sleek black vehicle that could give a Porsche a run for its money. The sleek vehicle is no doubt enhanced with any number of gadgets befitting the former Number One hero. And if creator Kohei Horikoshi is as smart as we think, this car might just make the Batmobile cower in fear.

This vehicle was shown briefly in a recent chapter of the manga, and it goes to show how well of All Might is. The Symbol of Peace was the top hero for years in Japan, and his face was known around the world. If you have read the My Hero Academia: Vigilantes prequel, you know he has an entire skyscraper in his honor. The ritzy building houses his agency, and All Might seems to have a living space in a top-floor penthouse. So much like Bruce Wayne, Yagi Toshinori is well off.


The only issue is that this wealth is what the villains are protesting. Guys like Stain are adamant that most heroes are gunning to become a pro hero because of the money it entails. From licensing deals to endorsements, heroes can make a lot of money, and All Might shows how top heroes live. The wealth he’s amassed is a double-edged blade, and there is no telling whether future heroes will come into this kind of lifestyle.

Are you glad to see All Might flexing like this in My Hero Academia? Do you think the pro hero could take after Batman with all his wealth? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.

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