Am I investing in right mutual fund schemes?

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I am 35 years old with a moderate risk profile. I am investing a total of Rs 24,000 per month (Rs 6,000 per scheme) in the following mutual funds for my retirement for the last one year.

Kotak Flexicap Fund – Direct Plan
Parag Parikh Flexi Cap Fund – Direct Plan
Invesco India Contra Fund – Direct Plan
SBI Focused Equity Fund – Direct Plan

Could you please let me know if my fund choice is correct and if any changes required? I always read that retail investors with moderate risk should invest in flexi cap funds. That’s why I invest mostly in these schemes. I plan to retire at 60.
-Anadi Gangras

You rightly observed that we typically ask long-term investors with moderate risk to invest mostly in flexi cap mutual funds. The investment mandate of these schemes – investing across market capitalisation and sectors- will help these investors to make extra returns. However, you should remember that these schemes are not similar. For example, Parag Parikh Flexi Cap Fund is a value-conscious scheme, whereas SBI scheme is a focused scheme has a concentrated portfolio. You should be mindful about these aspects as the category evolves over the next few years.

You should also plan your retirement meticulously. You should find out how much money you need for retirement. For example, you can find out the likely annual living expense, and provide for annual inflation to arrive at a realistic target. Multiply it by the number of years you are likely to live and you have a rough estimate of your retirement corpus. This will help you to find out how much you need to invest to create the target corpus. You can always tweak it, but it will help you to start with a proper plan.

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