Will I be able to create a corpus of Rs 5 crore with these mutual funds?

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I am 34 years old. My monthly income is Rs 1.5 lakh.
My current investments via SIP in equity mutual funds are Rs 31,000 per month. I started this investment in October 2000.
Quant Focused Fund – Rs 4,500 (started Oct 2020)
Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip Fund – Rs 2,500 (started Oct 2020)
Quant Active Fund – Rs 4,000 (started Oct 2020)
PGIM India Mid Cap Opportunities Fund – Rs 4,000 (started Oct 2020)
Quant Small Cap Fund – Rs 4,000 (started Oct 2020)
Parag Parikh Flexi Cap Fund – Rs 4,000 (started Oct 2020)
Mirae Asset NYSE FANG+ Fund – Rs 3,000 (US Bluechip Equity) – Recently started
Nippon India Japan Equity Fund – Rs 5,000 (Investment in JAPAN Equity) – Recently started

Apart from these, I am thinking of starting another Rs 6,000 SIP in sectoral funds from next month.
ICICI Prudential Technology Fund – Rs 2,000
Quant Consumption Fund – Rs 2,000
DSP Pharma Fund – Rs 2,000

Gold ETF – Rs 5,000 per month
PPF – Rs 1.5 lakh per year
Life Insurance – term plan taken
and medical insurance – taken

Target is Rs 5 Crore
Time Period – 15 years
Monthly expense – Rs 20,000
Loans / Liabilities – Nil
Direct equity portfolio – Negligible, so not considering

With the above plan would I be able to achieve my goal?
Please suggest any changes if required in the strategy.
Also please suggest if I can achieve the same goal in 10 Years? If yes, please advice.

–Hardik Thakkar

You have not shared one important information: your risk profile. Without that crucial information, it is not possible to comment about the portfolio. Here are some observations. You are betting big on a fund house. This increases concentration risk in your portfolio. Two, your investments do not have focus. Ideally, your portfolio should be focused so that you can achieve your goals easily. It means, the portfolio should be in line with your objective and your risk profile. Three, sector funds are not suitable for regular investors as they will find it difficult to time their entry and exit in the schemes. Lastly, a portfolio is constructed based on your financial details, goals, and risk appetite. You seem to need help here – do not waste precious time trying to learn investments. Hire a mutual fund advisor to do the job for a small fee.

You need to invest around Rs 99,000 every month for 15 years to create Rs 5 crore in fifteen year. Your current investment would help you to create Rs Rs 1.56 crore in 15 years.

A word of caution: nice round figures may not be enough for your future goals. A better strategy is to work with real numbers and provide for inflation and taxes.

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