Chile adds Allianz GI and BlackRock funds to AFP list

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Chile’s pension fund risk regulator has added 14 foreign mutual funds to the list of approved products available for investment by the country’s AFP pension fund managers alongside 12 new ETFs.

The latest monthly report from the Comisíon Clasificadora de Riesgo (CCR) published on May 29 includes funds from Allianz Global Investors, BlackRock and Robeco.

The list of new mutual funds is as follows:

  • AB FCP I – Sustainable US Thematic Portfolio
  • AB SICAV I – Sustainable Global Thematic Portfolio
  • Allianz Europe Equity Value
  • Allianz Flexi Asia Bond
  • Allianz Global Equity Growth
  • Allianz Green Bond
  • Allianz Strategic Bond
  • BGF Asian High Yield Bond
  • BGF China Bond
  • Credit Suisse (Lux) Financial Bond
  • Invesco US Dollar Liquidity Portfolio
  • Robeco Chinese A-Share Equities
  • Wellington Global High Yield Bond
  • Wellington Opportunistic Fixed Income

The list of new ETFs added last month are as follows:

  • iShares $ Corp Bond ESG UCITS ETF
  • iShares Global Clean Energy UCITS ETF
  • iShares JP Morgan ESG $ EM Bond UCITS ETF
  • iShares MSCI Europe SRI UCITS ETF
  • iShares € Corp Bond 1-5yr UCITS ETF
  • iShares Core € Govt Bond UCITS ETF
  • iShares Emerging Asia Local Govt Bonds UCITS ETF
  • iShares China CNY Bond UCITS ETF
  • iShares Digital Security UCITS ETF
  • iShares MSCI USA ESG Screened UCITS ETF
  • iShares 0-3 Month Treasury Bond ETF
  • Franklin FTSE Korea UCITS ETF

The CCR also added a single infrastructure-based alternative product from Infravia Capital Partners, according to its report.

Dropped products

In terms of removed products, the CCR axed all the foreign assets and banking entities registered in Colombia’s Stock Exchange, the Bolsa de Valores de Colombia (BVC) following a credit risk downgrading in May as per regulations outlined by the CCR.

At the request of its respective manager, the regulator removed four funds from Degroof Petercam Asset Management and two private capital funds.

They are as follows:

  • DPAM INVEST B Equities Euroland
  • DPAM INVEST B Real Estate Europe Sustainable
  • DPAM L Bonds Unversalis Unconstrained 
  • DPAM L Patrimonial Fund
  • Adams Street Partners – Capital Privado
  • The Jordan Company – Capital Privado

For being overly concentrated in its investments, the CCR also cut the Aberdeen Standard’s American Focused Equity, Jupiter Asian Income and Moneda Latin America Equities funds.

Lastly, the CCR cut an infrastructure product from Global Infrastructure Partners and a private capital fund from Gold Gate Capital for not having their approval requests renewed, the regulator said.

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