1792 Wealth Advisors Snags Two Veteran Advisors as Practice Pushes Retirement Focus

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MORRISTOWN, N.J.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–1792 Wealth Advisors (1792), is expanding its footprint in northern New Jersey with the addition of two veteran-advisor led practices. The Raymond James-backed advisory platform is bringing on Elise Feldman, AIF, who has 30 years of experience and has been working as a solo practitioner within the Raymond James complex alongside Christopher Marlar, who comes over from Ladenburg Thalman.

“We have been diligently building our model for supported independence and it serves as a huge endorsement for what we are doing when seasoned advisors of Elise’s and Christopher’s caliber recognize what value we can bring,” asserts Bob Milligan, managing partner and founder of 1792 Advisors.

While Feldman and Marlar have a shared appreciation for the autonomy given to advisors at 1792, the two focus in different areas of the business. Feldman’s addition will serve as a beachhead for the organization’s assertive move into the retirement plan arena, a piece of the business that Milligan feels is ripe with opportunity. Marlar has zeroed in on the delivery of high-touch financial planning for affluent individuals and families. Marlar was looking for a platform partner that provided the same high touch service for advisors as he delivers for clients.

“As a solo practitioner, I wanted to prepare my clients for the long-term and it’s in their best interest for me to partner with 1792 for both the added support, services but also maintaining consistency for those clients’ lifelong planning needs,” says Feldman. “Finding a new level of supported independence within the Raymond James community was important in being able to limit disruption for my clients. Additionally, 1792 placed a real value on my specialization in qualified retirement plans, non-qualified plans and welfare benefit plans. With the practice’s backing, I feel that area has a significant opportunity for growth.”

Feldman’s move to 1792 mirrors Marlar in that both were seeking to leverage their time better with their clients. With over 20 years of experience working in asset management and retirement planning, Marlar transitioned to supported independence via 1792 to better serve individuals and businesses that he works with, offer a top of the line experience and obtain additional operational support. “My goal is to do what’s best for my clients, and it was clear that 1792 has client service and advocacy as a culture as a top priority,” Marlar explains. “1792 and Raymond James make it easy to offer concierge service and high-touch financial planning with back-end support so I can spend more time working with clients.”

After four years of building the office, 1792 is continuing its growth trajectory and is gearing up for future expansion in the region. “I’m excited to build on this momentum. So many advisors are looking to make the move to independence, and we’re here to support those transitions. I’ve done it, and I can help other advisors avoid missteps and make the move that much easier,” says Milligan.

The organization plans to open a second office in Morristown by year-end as well as move into Red Bank, Short Hills and Bergen County over the next 24 months.

About 1792 Wealth Advisors

1792 Wealth Advisors is a premier platform for advisors seeking supported independence. With the support of Raymond James we are able to offer industry-leading resources, technology and support while providing control of and equity in their own business. We know advisors do best when supporting each other, and our approach of supported independence offers advisors better economics and enhanced culture.

For more information, visit Join1792.com or https://www.raymondjames.com/1792wealthadvisors.

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