How Men Impact a Woman's Financial Well-Being, UBS Global Wealth Manager

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The role of women in the management of family finances has had a dismal record in past decades. Traditionally, men have taken the lead in earning and spending financial resources with most women shut out of the process but the times are changing along with established roles. 

TheStreet’s Tracy Byrnes speaks with Paula Polito, Divisional Vice-Chair of UBS Global Wealth Management who believes there is clear progress led by women in the financial services industry and also by men who are helping to educate others. 

Citing a new report published by UBS titled, ‘Building Bridges, Breaking Barriers’, Polito describes the importance of financial literacy for women, “They need to understand that money is important in their lives, in their children, in their futures, in their health, in their well being, in their retirement, in their security and having a vision of where they need to go with their spouse is very important”. 

Watch the video excerpt above. The full interview coming Monday on TheStreet.

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