Influencer blasted for flaunting her wealth: 'Why show off like this?'

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Russian music producer and fashion mogul Yana Rudkovskaya was slammed on social media after sharing a video of her four Porsches and asking her followers to help her choose which car to drive to an awards show.

Yana captioned the video, “Would you help me to choose a car for tomorrow’s MuzTV awards?”

A Russian influencer has been slammed for flaunting her wealth despite the fact millions of Russians now live below the poverty line. Photo: Instagram/rudkovskayaofficial

Her collection of Porsches, which include a 718 Cayman S, 911 Turbo Cabriolet, Panamera GTS and Cayenne, is estimated to be worth over $1 million.


“Bicycle and on the road,” one Russian follower responded. “Why brag about all this? Got into the jet? So live and don’t annoy others! I will never believe it! That you can earn that kind of money without breaking the law!”

“The vulgarity went off scale,” another added.

Yana dusted off each car in the video, asking her followers to vote on which care she drove to an awards show. Photo: Instagram/rudkovskayaofficial

“Why put it on display – what difference does it make in which car you drive,” someone else wrote. “The common people do not understand your showing off.”

“So everything is simulated!” another said. “And why do we need this? Nothing clever, only show-off in pajamas and glasses.”

“Take a broom, that should work!” one joked.

“Why show off like this? We struggle to buy medicines for kids,” another wrote.

“Why brag about all this?” fans asked her in the comments. Photo: Instagram/rudkovskayaofficial

Others asked why she doesn’t spend her free time helping those in need rather than asking what car she should drive.

It comes following the news one in seven Russians is living below the poverty line with incomes falling and food prices rising.

Price rises prompted the Kremlin to cap the domestic cost of staple goods like flour and sugar as essential goods are becoming unaffordable for many.

Yana believes her son Sasha could become the “best skater on the planet”. Photo: Instagram/rudkovskayaofficial

Yana never revealed which car she did drive to the awards, nor did she respond to the criticism. 

The mum-of-three shares two sons with figure skating champ and trainer Evgeny Plushenko and has said she believes her eight-year-old Alexander ‘Sasha’ Plushenko could become the “best skater on the planet”.

She has always denied putting too much pressure on her son, however, saying she has her own way of raising her children.

It is believed Sasha earns enough to pay for his nanny, driver, coaches and security guards, according to The Sun.

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