Jeff Bezos’ space adventure is a sign that the time for a wealth tax has come

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What will historians call this epoch when they look back at the incredible wealth generation of the early 20th century? The Gilded Age captured the Victorian era entrepreneurs and the Roaring Twenties the reckless financial gambling epitomised by the Great Gatsby.

Leaving aside unsavoury monikers such as the Plague Age, perhaps the Catapult Era captures the combination of the vault in wealth achieved by a select few and the way they spent some of their vast wealth.

Jeff Bezos, the founder of online retail giant Amazon who was recently declared the second-richest person in the world, has decided to spend some of that estimated $186bn on the first human space flight to be launched by his company Blue Origin next month. One as-yet-unnamed astronaut won an auction for a seat on the flight with a $28m bid.

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