AAP MLA Atishi served IT notice over FD and mutual funds, party says ‘vendetta politics’

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AAP chief spokesperson Saurabh Bhardwaj and senior leader Atishi made their substantiation and stated that BJP has “stooped to another low in vendetta politics” and is raising baseless questions on MLA Atishi’s movable assets, fixed deposits and mutual funds.

Atishi has been given IT notice for 59 lacs in FD and Mutual funds. Bhardwaj said that Atishi got a chance to work with the Delhi Government in 2015 wherein she used to work at the salary of Re 1 only. He further added that in Indian politics, it is already very difficult for an educated young professional, especially a woman, to enter and survive politics.

Atishi said that the Delhi government is not scared of BJP’s unfounded allegations and hollow threats. We left our jobs in different fields to join politics because we wanted to change the politics of this country. She then added that whenever the IT department calls me, however old information they may ask for, I’ll bring all those documents with me because I have nothing to hide.

Challenging the BJP, Atishi asked just the way we are ready to make all our accounts and properties public, are BJP’s ministers also ready to do the same? BJP can simply not tolerate educated young women in politics, she added.

AAP Chief Spokesperson Saurabh Bharadwaj, addressing a press conference said, “Today, we’re here to address a very interesting press conference regarding the Income Tax Department. A very laughable incident has taken place within our party. A renowned leader of our party, Atishi, has been sent a notice by the Income Tax Department. This notice has been sent only because in the election affidavit that she submitted for the 2020 election, she has declared that she has movable assets worth 69.79 lakh in the form of fixed deposits and mutual funds in her bank account.”

Atishi said, “Since the Aam Aadmi Party has come, in the past 6-7 years, we’re together seeing how the Central Government has been using all its agencies to pester Aam Aadmi Party and its MLAs, ministers, and leaders. Be it CBI Raids, or Delhi Police or the enforcement directorate or Income tax summons, or income tax raids, the Central government has left no agency behind to use for running after the Aam Aadmi Party. Despite all their efforts, in all these years, they’ve failed to find even one mistake or sustain even a single case against any Aam Aadmi Party leader. This income tax notice is the next step in this cycle wherein BJP thinks that it can scare, threaten and silence the educated professionals entering politics.”

“It is my challenge to the BJP, just the way we are ready to make all our accounts and properties public, are BJP’s ministers also ready to do the same? Or do they just wish to use the Income Tax Department, Delhi Police, and ED to pester Aam Aadmi Party’s ministers?”, she asked.

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