Tata Mutual Funds launches new category of equity mutual funds | The Money Show

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In today’s episode of The Money Show, Alex Mathew is in conversation with Rahul Singh, CIO of Equities at Tata Mutual Fund. Tata Mutual Fund has announced the launch of Tata Business Cycle Fund – an open-ended Equity Scheme following business cycles based investing theme. The New Fund Offer (NFO), which is a relatively new category of equity mutual funds, opens on July 16 and will close on July 30. According to a press release, Tata Business Cycles Fund plans to deploy the business cycle approach to identify economic trends and invest in sectors and stocks that are likely to outperform. During an expansion phase it will buy either the sector leaders or companies benefitting disproportionately from the sectoral tailwinds during economic and business cycles. During a contraction phase it will Invest in companies from sectors which provide cushion during downcycles. Listen in!

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