Mutual funds outsold ETFs in July, says IFIC

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At the end of July, Canadian mutual fund net assets amounted to $1.982 trillion, including $977 billion in balanced funds, $699 billion in equity funds, and $259 billion in bond funds.

ETF net sales also slowed down significantly, going from $5.039 billion in June to just $3.009 billion in July.

Equity ETFs took in $2.449 billion and balanced ETFs saw $292 million in net sales last month, while bond ETFs saw $362 in net redemptions. Money-market fund ETFs netted $357 million in sales.

Canadian ETFs ended July with $313.6 billion in net assets. Assets in equity ETFs amounted to $200.4 billion, while bond ETFs had $85.9 billion. Balanced strategies, meanwhile, held just $10.5 billion in net assets.

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