Sen. Sanders on raising corporate and wealth taxes, combating climate change

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Sen. Bernie Sanders:

Well, I have compromised, Judy.

The truth of the matter is, I brought forth a budget for $6 trillion. And we need every penny of that, by the way, if we are going to deal with the extraordinary crisis facing this planet in terms of climate change, and have the United States lead the world in transforming our energy system.

I compromised. I took that 6 — and by the way, that $6 trillion budget, I would say, had the support of at least 80 percent of the Democratic Caucus in the Senate. It was what people wanted. I compromised. We took it down to $3.5 trillion.

But what you’re looking at right now is a budget and a set of proposals, whether it’s expanding child care, expanding Medicare to cover dental, hearing aids and eyeglasses, making sure that pre-K in America is free and universal, ending the absurdity that we are the only major country on Earth not to guarantee paid family and medical leave, building the housing that we need, and, by the way, when you do all these things, creating millions, many millions of good-paying jobs.

This is a popular idea. It is supported widely by working-class Americans, whether you’re Democrat, Republican or independent. That is the approach, I think, that has got to be finalized.

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