How the Delta Variant Peak Will Impact the Stock Market

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(Please enjoy this updated version of my weekly commentary published September 13, 2021 from the POWR Growth newsletter).

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Now, back to the market commentary:

Let’s start with our usual look at the one-month, hourly chart of the S&P 500:

Since last Wednesday, stocks have weakened further. In fact, we’ve given back more than half of the advance that begun in mid-August. In terms of market leadership, we’re seeing reflation stocks leading higher, while growth stocks have been the weakest. Essentially, it’s been a reversal of what happened during August.

Still a Muddled Market

The overall takeaway is that this remains a messy, muddled market. The market’s ascent is masking a vicious rotation going on under the surface. We haven’t had nice, trending conditions since November of last year which lasted till mid-February. Since then, different parts of the market have been punished and sold off.

The good news is that this is a much healthier way of resolving overbought conditions to digest the huge gains from last year rather than a correction which typically tends to happen.

In terms of our portfolio, we are up about 11%, while the Russell 2000 is essentially flat since the portfolio’s inception. We will continue to remain agile with our positioning and look for singles and doubles rather than home runs.

One Glimmer of Optimism

I do want to point out one development which I want to take advantage of – it seems likely that the Delta variant has peaked. The seven-day moving average is now about 6% below its peak, and the hardest-hit states like Florida and Texas are down much lower.

This also tracks with the experience of other countries which dealt with the Delta variant which saw a peak after about 2 months. It also led to a surge in vaccinations, and the country seems to be about 4 months away from reaching “herd immunity” in terms of vaccinations + prior infections.

The rise in the delta variant has certainly led to profit-taking in many travel stocks, but this is an opportunity for us to take advantage of the dip.

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Jaimini Desai
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SPY shares were trading at $443.83 per share on Tuesday afternoon, down $2.75 (-0.62%). Year-to-date, SPY has gained 19.49%, versus a % rise in the benchmark S&P 500 index during the same period.

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