IDFC MF twins equity mutual funds with growth

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IDFC Mutual Fund, has launched a PAN India campaign titled #PaisonKoRokoMat (don’t stop the money), to highlight the benefit that investors can reap from the growth potential of equity mutual funds. Conceptualised by TBWAIndia, the film uses satire to break down the complex category truths in a simple storytelling format.

The film shows how two identical looking men are waiting for their bus to Khumb Mela, in hopes of finding their twin brother they lost years ago. Instead of recognising that they are actually the twin pair, they console and wish each other luck in finding the twin. The film draws parallels from the fact that although the benefit of equity mutual funds has been proven, most investors lend a bling eye to the same. 

Gaurab Parija, head – sales and marketing, IDFC AMC, said, “With the rising expenses due to improved quality of life, longer lifespans, increased medical contingencies, it is important to consider investing in an asset class that can help in beating inflation in the long run. Our latest

#PaisonKoRokoMat advert is directed towards nudging investors to something which is obvious but not fully appreciated, the fact that equities is an important asset class for wealth creation over the years with the potential to beat inflation in the long term, thereby facilitating investors to achieve their financial and life goals.”

Govind Pandey, CEO, TBWAIndia, said, “Last year we were pushed to re-evaluate all our choices. The way we live, interact with people and the way we make financial decisions. This communication is yet another attempt by IDFC Mutual Funds to gently prod investors to keep it simple. And choose what is staring them in their face as a good opportunity to grow their money. IDFC Mutual Fund, over a period of time has tried to simplify the complexities of

investing in mutual funds in a charming, humorous manner, thereby getting people to re-assess their investment decisions.”

Parixit Bhattacharya, managing partner – creative, TBWAIndia, added, “IDFC MF has been

injecting humour into investor awareness messages for a while now. This time around, with a platform like ‘missing the obvious’, lost twins were an easy find. We hope people go and look at the performance of equity funds after having a laugh while watching the commercial.”

The campaign will run across television, print, outdoor and digital media in multiple regional languages.

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