Sullivan ends “Wealth Matters” column at NY Times

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Paul Sullivan

Paul Sullivan is ending writing the “Wealth Matters” at the New York Times after 13 years.

Sullivan writes “My initial goal for the column was to use lessons from the very wealthy to help people of more modest means. Over time, it often veered into an anthropological look at how the wealthy lived just so differently than everyone else.

“I was never good at baseball, but I’ve always loved talking to people, and like a serious baseball fan, I am good at keeping stats. I’ve kept a record of all the columns and articles I’ve written for The Times — I’m weird like that.

“On average, I spoke to eight individuals per column, which puts me at about 4,864 people. Add in the other 152 articles I’ve written for The Times during the past 13 years and the total is over 6,000 people, according to my estimate.”

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