Millennial Talk: Improving Millennial Participation On the Stock Market Through Tech

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Stakeholders are reportedly worried about losing market patronage on the exit of the older generation, who thus far form the largest segment of investors in the Nigerian stock market. 

They are concerned about the future of the market, in the face of waning interest from millennials who are increasingly turning to alternative investment options in micro-finance, fintech, and cryptocurrencies. As the first generation to be born in a digital era, millennials are tech-savvy and utilize technology differently from previous generations. 

They have a reputation for embracing all things digital, especially cryptocurrencies. So, when it comes to investments, most prefer doing things online or over an app rather than going through the lengthy paperwork process. 

What exactly is the capital market in Nigeria doing to improve millennial participation on the stock exchange? To answer these questions, Join Bukunmi Adejobi and Josephine Eriyo as they discuss with the Head, NGX Enterprise Innovation Hub, Mr. Nsikak John on “Improving Millennial Participation on the stock Market Through Technology”

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