Mutual Funds Sahi Hai releases 'Rishtey Nibhaana Sahi Hai' campaign for the festive season

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Mumbai: The Association of Mutual Funds in India (AMFI) has released a set of two new films for the festive season. Created by Mirum India, these take a slightly different course from other communications in the category. The narrative is around relationships, something that is relevant not just from a festive season point-of-view, but also from an investment one.

Speaking on the creative lens of the campaign, Mirum- ECD Naila Patel said, “When Mutual Funds Sahi Hai campaign launched, it almost seemed like an oxymoron. The only thing people knew or recollected about Mutual Fund communication was the disclaimer that said ‘It’s risky, be careful’ in a complicated way. But the campaign changed it all and now Mutual Funds and Sahi Hai seem to have become synonymous with each other. Hence this reiteration of ‘Sahi Hain’ to other walks of life becomes very relevant and fluid.”

The campaign looks to harp on ‘unspoken’ relationships that go beyond our normal circle of family and friends, even as they give joy, peace, hope, strength and goodness. These stories are woven around celebrating and maintaining those relationships while making us realise their importance by imploring us to say ‘Sahi Hain’ to all these relationships as well.

“When you look at any relationship, you understand that making it work isn’t easy. There is a certain amount of commitment, dedication and patience required. Just like investments in Mutual Funds,” says Franklin Templeton India director for products & marketing and member of the digital committee at AMFI Juzer Tambawalla.

Elaborating further, director (brand strategy & client services) Mohit Ahuja said, “All investment communication typically speaks to the mind, as is logical. AMFI’s long-running Mutual Fund Sahi Hai campaign has beautifully simplified the logic. With this new ‘Rishtey Nibhaana Sahi Hai’ spin, we aim to speak to the heart and make MFs be seen in an endearing light too. This secondary campaign also gives us another umbrella to use as and when required and adds back to the original thought. And what better way to start than the festive season.”

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