Brand film showcases bank’s wealth management philosophy through art

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© Provided by The Star Online Abdul Sani: RHB Premier’s story is aptly captured with the help of artists Ong and Choong.

RHB Premier is taking an artistic approach reflective of its wealth management philosophy through its Golden Wisdom campaign.

The intricate ideologies of the Chinese are showcased in a first- ever brand film, which reinforces the Chinese philosophy that tomorrow’s wealth is progressed by yesterday’s wisdom.

The film titled Golden Wisdom features two renowned custodians of Chinese art – traditional calligrapher Ong Chia Koon and contemporary visual artist Jaemy Choong.

It documents a unique combination of these two artists, both distinctly different in terms of background and artistic methods, in co-creating magnificent works of art.

“Golden Wisdom has been a very exciting project for us.

“As the first brand initiative for RHB Premier, it is imperative that we clearly establish RHB Banking Group’s approach to wealth management using the traditional wisdom gained from our extensive experience in managing wealth to help our clients navigate the challenges of today and tomorrow,” said RHB Banking Group chief marketing officer Abdul Sani Abdul Murad.

The campaign demonstrates the intricate process where the artists create their work separately – Ong using strokes of his signature Chinese calligraphy to construct words of wisdom and Choong designing modern visual interpretations of the concepts – before coming together to showcase the final artwork.

This collaboration signifies customer’s wealth being guided and progressed by RHB Premier’s tried and tested philosophy on wealth management.

“RHB Premier’s story is aptly captured with the help of Ong and Choong,” said Abdul Sani.

“These two artists from different ends of the artistic spectrum have leveraged on their respective past and present techniques to co-create something that neither of them could achieve alone.

“This narrates the fusing of deep financial experience with a wide range of wealth management products, which truly embodies the RHB Banking Group brand promise of ‘Together We Progress’.”

The film was created in partnership with FCB Malaysia.

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