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As one of Indonesia’s longest serving banks, Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI) continues the spirit of its founding to serve the people, including through a new mutual funds platform that you can simply set and forget

Bank Rakyat Indonesia has a proud history of serving the nation for over a century since 1895. Having won a diverse range of awards from countries around the globe, BRI has proven itself to be a trustworthy and reliable bank not only in Indonesia, but also internationally.

Recently, BRI has begun offering the BRI Mutual Fund, a fund management platform aimed at people who are interested in dipping their toes into the world of investing but aren’t quite sure yet of how to do it or simply don’t have the time to conduct manual transactions at the Indonesian Stock Exchange.

The platform is the culmination of BRI’s partnership with 12 of Indonesia’s leading professional investment managers. Therefore, investors that buy mutual funds through BRI’s paltform are not buying BRI products, but mutual funds offered by BRI’s investment management partners instead.

Reasons to invest

Investing is crucial to ensure that the wealth that have been accumulated – often painstakingly  – does not fall victim to inflation which will devalue cash assets. This can be avoided by investing those cash assets into stocks, bonds, and – of course, mutual funds.

BRI Mutual Fund is a great platform for starters to learn about the world of investing as assistance will be provided by an investment manager who will invest funds according to the client’s risk profile. These funds can also be liquidated in case of emergencies, placing them above many other investment mediums in terms of flexibility. When it comes to the degree of probable risk, investing in mutual funds is relatively safer and more profitable compared to other forms of investment.

Benefits of investing with BRI Mutual Funds

Installment plans: BRI’s mutual funds are offered with an installment plan where investors can create a personal plan on how much of their earnings they would like to periodically invest into their mutual funds. This amount will then be deducted from their account automatically by the system every month, making it much easier for investors to calculate and meet their financial needs by predetermining the amount that they would like to invest periodically.

Ease of transaction: With BRI Mutual Fund, Investors will only need to visit BRI’s Work Unit once for the initial transaction and the system will take care of everything automatically afterwards. This makes BRI Mutual Fund a very compelling and convenient option for those who are looking into investing.

BRI’s mutual funds also make investing considerably easier thanks to where these funds will be allocated to by the investment manager, with obligations due in less than a year, deposits, and Indonesian Bank certificates (SBI), this firmly places money market mutual funds among some of the most profitable and safest forms of investments available with an annual return of around six to eight percent.

Low barrier to entry: The minimum required funds are as low as IDR 100,000, making it not only very convenient thanks to how automized everything is, but also very user-friendly thanks to its low barrier to entry.

Time-efficient: Since there’s a dedicated investment manager involved in the process, investors won’t have to conduct transactions on the stock exchange or the money market. This makes investing remarkably time-efficient for those who want the most efficient process with little to no hassle involved.

Highlight of the Season

A notable highlight from BRI’s mutual funds offerings is Reksa Dana Valas Bahana Liquid USD. This particular product presents optimal yields with minimum risk through mutual funds purchases of at least USD 1,000, which will be allocated fully into money market instruments (deposits). For more detailed information about Reksa Dana Valas Bahana Liquid USD, click here.

To learn more about BRI Mutual Fund and how you can start investing, visit, contact BRI’s hotline at 14017 / 1500017 or send an email to [email protected]

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