THIS Country Bans Celebrities From Showing Off Wealth on Social Media

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New Delhi: China has banned its celebrities from showing off their wealth on social media in the latest crackdown on the entertainment industry, Daily Mail reported.Also Read – Biden Invites 110 Countries Including India to Virtual Summit on Democracy; China, Turkey Missing from List

The Cyberspace Administration of China announced on Tuesday that celebrities in the country will not be allowed to ‘show off wealth’ or ‘extravagant pleasure’ on social media, the report said. Also Read – Containers Believed To Carry Radioactive Substances From Pak To China Seized At Mudra Port

The rules also prevent celebrities from publishing false or private information, provoking fans against other fan groups, and from spreading rumours. Additionally, Business Insider reports that social media accounts of both celebrities and fans will be required to adhere to ‘public order and good customs, adhere to correct public opinion orientation and value orientation, promote socialist core values, and maintain a healthy style and taste’. Also Read – Taiwan Deploys Advanced F-16V Fighter Jets Amid China Threat

The new rules represent the latest crackdown on celebrity culture in China as the country continues to strengthen its grip on the entertainment industry.

In September, China’s celebrities were warned they must ‘oppose the decadent ideas of money worship, hedonism and extreme individualism’ at an entertainment industry symposium hosted by the Communist Party, Daily Mail reported.

The meeting in Beijing ran with the slogan: ‘Love the party, love the country, advocate morality and art.’ It was attended by senior party officials and showbusiness bosses who were told they must conform to social ethics, personal morality and family values, the report said.

China sees celebrity culture and the pursuit of wealth as a dangerous Western import which threatens Communism because it promotes individualism rather than collectivism.

Attendees of the conference were told they must ‘consciously abandon vulgar and kitsch inferior tastes, and consciously oppose the decadent ideas of money worship, hedonism, and extreme individualism,’ according to state media, the report said.

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