No comment from Rep. Hern on bill banning lawmakers from stock trading

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An Oklahoma lawmaker won’t comment on a bill that might tamp down on his wealth.

Business Insider reported last month that Rep. Kevin Hern is one of the wealthiest members of Congress with a net worth of over $26 million. Notable stocks held by the Hern family include more than $250,000 worth of Amazon.

The latest bill aimed at stopping lawmakers from owning stocks comes from Georgia Senator Jon Ossoff. The Ossoff ethics bill would disallow members of Congress and their spouses from stock trading.

In seeking comment from Hern, Public Radio Tulsa was told his office didn’t have the phone number for its own communications staffer but they did have her e-mail. A written request for comment on Hern’s reaction to a trading ban wasn’t returned.

Hern has also been accused of violating the Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge Act with 25 improperly disclosed trades worth between about $1 and $2 million.

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