Mutual Fund News: Debt schemes witness Rs 49,154.10 cr net outflow during December 2021; Low Duration Fund biggest laggard

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Debt Oriented Mutual Fund schemes witnessed a net outflow during the December 2021 according to the latest month data released by the Association of Mutual Funds in India (AMFI) on Monday. The net outflow reported during the month stood at Rs 49,154.10 cr in as many as 16 schemes currently available.

Barring Overnight Fund and Gilt Fund with 10-year constant durations, all other debt fund segments saw investments laving the schemes. The net inflow for Overnight Fund stood at Rs 4,730.97 cr. As for the latter, net inflow stood at Rs 0.94 cr.

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The net outflow was seen most in the Low Duration Fund where 23 schemes were available as on 31 December 2021, this report said. It was followed by Liquid Fund (38 schemes) and Ultra Short Duration Fund (27 schemes), the AMFI data said.

Low Duration Fund category saw Rs 11,067.20 cr of net outflows. Liquid Fund saw net outflow at Rs 8,697.83 while for Ultra Short Duration Fund, the net outflow was Rs 8,347.51.

Floater Fund (- Rs 6,460.18 cr) and Banking and PSU (- Rs 6,217.12 cr) Fund were the other major laggards.

The number of Income/Debt Oriented Mutual Fund Schemes as on 31 December stood at 317 with number of folios at 7,621,868. Funds Mobilized for the month of December 2021 was at Rs 830,790.40 cr during this period.

Meanwhile, the Net Asset Under Management (AUM) stood at 1,404,844.02 cr according to this data. Average Net Assets Under Management for the month December 2021 stood at Rs 14,48,882.79 cr.

On the other hand, net inflows to the tune of Rs 25,076.71 cr were seen in the Growth/Equity Oriented Mutual Funds. The net AUM stood at Rs 1,333,618.89 cr fr 366 schemes as on this day.

Multi Cap Funds took the lion share of net inflows at Rs 10,516.32 cr during this period. Sectoral/Thematic Funds and Flexi Cap funds were the other top performers in this segment with net inflows at Rs 3,769.75 cr and Rs 2,408.64 respectively.   

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