Mutual funds should become a permanent part of household finances

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Specialists from investment fund companies, acting on our behalf, try to make the money entrusted to them bring more profit than a classic bank deposit. 

“It’s worth considering a variety of investments – stocks, bonds, raw materials. Diversification makes sense – if one component is valued worse, the other can compensate for it,” Wojciech Kiermacz of NN Investment Partners TFI argued during Investment Teleexpress, which took place in the PAP Press Center.

“Investment funds are structured so that as many interested parties as possible can participate in them, investing even very small amounts. For a minimum of PLN 100-200 we have the opportunity to benefit from the potential of the equity, bond or commodity markets,” Wojciech Kiermacz said.

In his opinion, investment funds are diverse products. The basic division is what the funds invest in. These can be primarily bonds, stocks, a mix of different securities or raw materials.

“The idea behind funds is to make money work more efficiently than on bank deposits. Additionally, funds offer investors many opportunities so that everyone can build a portfolio with which they feel the most secure, both in terms of potential profit and risk,” the expert explained.

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