Vastu And Aquariums: Know How Fishes Can Bring Prosperity, Wealth And Happiness to Your House

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Vastu Tips: Fish aquariums are found in many Indian households to decorate the living room or drawing room. We can also find them in offices especially in the reception or in hotels in the lobby or dining halls. We wondered if the continuous movement of the fishes can have any Vastu relevance and so we asked Vastu Acharya Manoj Srivastava how aquariums can enhance the Vastu of a place. As per him, Aquariums are not prescribed as a Vastu remedy in the scriptures simply because they did not exist at that time. This does not mean they cannot be used as a Vastu remedy.Also Read – Horoscope Today, June 12, Sunday: Health Can Trouble Aries, Taurus Can Expect Financial Gain

For that, we need to study the functioning of aquariums and map it with five elements to decide how they can be applied as a Vastu cure. Also Read – Horoscope Today, June 10, Friday: Monetary Gain For Taurus, Gemini to Spend Time With Family

Aquariums have all the five elements working in tandem. The air pump churns the water and provides oxygen to the fishes for them to thrive. The fishes themselves are fire elements because of their flashy tones and textures, the pebbles in the tank for decoration add the earth element and because you never fill the fish tank to the brim leaves an empty space thereby incorporating all the five elements. It is the water, air and fire elements which are most prominent in an aquarium and these elements decide their placement. Also Read – Horoscope Today, June 9, Thursday: Taurus Should NOT Neglect Health, Leo Can Expect a Good News by Noon

Aquariums are known to create a calm atmosphere and reduce anxiety and stress, as gazing at aquarium fish is considered therapeutic. It helps to improve the overall well-being of those who spend time watching aquariums. Vastu Acharya Manoj Srivastava says that the Vastu zone of Anxiety and churning (between the east and southeast directions) is best suited for aquariums, as it will reduce anxiety and stress. Alternatively, one can place the aquarium in the East, North, and northeast as well due to the prominence of air and water elements in it. At a broader level do not place the aquarium in the bedroom or kitchen. Living rooms, drawing rooms, and study rooms are best suited for placing them.

The continuous motion in the fish tank caused by Air can bring prosperity to the home. However, for that, it is better to pet the right type and quantity of fish. For this, we can take a cue from Feng Shui, the Southeast Asian form of Vastu. As per Feng shui, a combination of gold and black coloured fishes can bring prosperity and wealth to the home. The most popular combination comprises eight goldfish and one black fish however, any odd number of fishes consisting of more goldfish and one black fish will work the same wonders.

Vastu Acharya Manoj Srivastava says that Arowana is one of the most effective fish that attracts wealth and prosperity, though it is very expensive and may require a big fish tank as compared to gold and black fish. You can also pet butterfly koi or catfish for fulfilling the same objective of wealth and abundance.

Vastu Acharya Manoj Srivastava is the only Vastu Consultant in the world with more than 20 years of corporate leadership experience and has served more than 400 business owners on their paths to success by his expertise in Vastu and Astrology. After working in senior leadership roles in Bharti Airtel, Reliance and MTS, he is now practising Vastu, Geopathic Stress corrections and Astrology full time. He can be reached at +91 9136001697

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