Wealth Professional reveals its 5-Star Advisory Teams for 2022

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Among the hallmarks that set this year’s teams apart is a focus on personalization. Rather than trying to be everything to everyone, they offer dedicated services and shape their business models to address the needs of their own specific book of clients.

“It’s important for you as an advisor to understand who your ideal client is so you’re able to service that client, versus trying to meld your practice around every potential client that comes in your door,” says Robyn Thompson, President of Castlemark Wealth Management, who shared her thoughts for the full report.

Technological innovation has also played a key role. While communication with clients has been particular point of focus, Canada’s leading teams leave no stone unturned, leveraging digital transformation to raise their productivity where they can.

“Our team has developed proprietary programs to increase our operational efficacy and let us spend more time in front of our clients,” says Nigel Seth, Senior Associate Wealth Advisor at the Schmidt Investment Group, CIBC Wood Gundy. “Using these programs to interactively engage with clients – when doing retirement cash flow projections as an example – has proved invaluable with our clients as it has allowed them to talk through and visually see how decisions being made now will affect their retirement outcome.”

To view Wealth Professional’s full report on the 5-Star Advisory Teams 2022, including a list of this year’s 45 winners, click here.

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