First Wealth co-launches financial education platform

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The platform will offer free personal finance tips, live events, webinars and digital courses. It will a focus on women and providing practical, accessible information and guidance from qualified financial professionals.

It will also tackle the gender pay, savings and wealth gaps to enhance people’s financial wellbeing who have been let down by traditional financial institutions, it said.

First Wealth said the platform will initially provide content and guidance through its Instagram channel and a fortnightly newsletter, followed by a programme of live events starting on 28 June featuring a panel discussion on how to prepare and invest “for your dream home”.

The platform will also offer a series of financial education courses starting with Finance Fundamentals in October, it said. The course will comprise seven modules featuring step-by-step exercises, activities, and online videos designed to introduce and educate participants on the basics of financial planning including budgeting, investments, pensions and savings.

Robert Caplan, director of First Wealth, said: “I… understand that the clients I deal with day to day do not represent the majority of people and that, for most, high quality and reliable advice is out of reach. Thrive Money is our solution to this problem – it aims to close the advice gap. Almost all low cost financial advice in the UK is product led and aims to sell something.

“Thrive Money will look to deliver the fundamentals of proper financial planning in anengaging and low cost environment through digital online courses, live events and webinars. We will improve people’s relationship with money and ultimately enhance their financial wellbeing through creating a community where like-minded individuals who have been let down by the financial institutions can share their experiences and journey.”

In April last year, First Wealth re-launched its financial education brand Let’s Talk About Money, which was aimed at millennials and generation Z.

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