Wealth Wizards releases financial wellbeing app

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Wealth Wizards has launched a new software solution, Turo Wellbeing, aimed at enabling advice firms, life assurers, banks and building societies to help consumers improve their financial wellbeing and plan for a more prosperous retirement, against a backdrop of soaring living costs.

Royal London is already using Turo Wellbeing to create a series of personalised journeys to help their customers improve their financial wellbeing and retirement prospects, through a guidance-only pathway.

The Turo Wellbeing journey starts with a set of non-intrusive questions that review nine different areas of wellbeing. This is the first step to personalising the journey, whose aim is to encourage customers to ‘play’ with the resources and take action to improve their financial wellbeing, such as saving enough for their desired retirement lifestyle.

The user is then engaged with a wealth of digestible content that addresses their challenges, based on their data, and hones personalisation by moving them into a more ‘playful’ environment where they can review the recommendations offered and act upon them in their own time.

Delivery of the action is as a personal recommendation created under 100% automated codified advice, fully aligned to the advice policy of the firm offering the service.

Mark Kiddell, Chief Commercial Officer, Wealth Wizards, said:

“Having control over our finances and a clear plan to achieve our financial goals is essential for financial wellbeing and has a direct correlation with our mental and physical wellbeing.

“We know from experience that consumers want easily accessible financial help and support, whether that’s guided outcomes, digital advice with some human oversight, or fully fledged regulated advice. One of the valuable benefits of Turo Wellbeing is that it can offer both guidance and access to advice – via consumer-led and human-assisted (hybrid) experiences – depending on the consumer’s needs.

“At a time of financial and economic turbulence, we’re aiming to help as many people as possible manage their money more effectively for themselves and their families during the current cost of living crisis and beyond.”

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