Which are the top 3 best performing funds of SBI MF?

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SBI Mutual Funds.

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New Delhi: The top 3 funds of SBI MF for the last one-year period include SBI Magnum Children’s Plan, SBI Consumption Opportunities, and SBI Contra Fund which have risen between 10 to 20 percent. Nifty has risen by almost 3 percent during the same period. India’s largest fund house-SBI MF has equity exposure of almost Rs 4 lakh crore, with major exposure in Financials and IT.

Out of the 5 largest fund houses, SBI MF remains the second-best performer when it comes to the percentage of schemes outperforming the benchmark over the last 12 months. India’s largest fund house’ 62 percent of schemes outperformed their benchmark. The fund house has a total of 144 mutual funds schemes.

Key Holdings of SBI Magnum Children’s Plan include Dodla Dairy, Netflix (US), Aether Industries, Gokaldas Exports, and HDFC Bank. Recent additions and increased holdings include CSB Bank, Avanti Feeds, Hawkins Cookers and GR Infraprojects. Over the last year, the fund has yielded 20 percent returns.

Key Holdings of SBI Consumption Opportunities include ITC, Bharti Airtel, Page Industries, Indian Hotels, and Chalet Hotels. Recent additions and increased holdings include Go Fashion, Emami and HUL. Domestic consumption has improved on back rising improved monsoon, agricultural income etc.

Key Holdings of SBI Contra Fund include HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, Tube Investments, SBI and GAIL. As per a report by PTI, SBI Contra Fund AUM doubled in the last year to Rs 4,688 crore due to strong interest from all segments of investors. The schemes are suitable for investors who have advanced knowledge of macro trends and prefer to take selective bets for higher returns.
The important changes to SBI MF’s holding profile include for the month of June include large sector buys in financials and materials while the large sell was recorded in the healthcare and energy segments. Key new purchases made by SBI MF include Paradeep Phosphates, Prism Johnson, E-Mudhra, GNFC and Nazara Tech. Key new sales include Everest Industries, Power Mech Projects, Hester Bioscience, Gabriel India and Vijaya Diagnostics.

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