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Founder of Weiss Ratings, Dr. Martin D. Weiss and Senior Analyst and Economic Cycles Specialist, Sean Brodrick sat down with host, Jessica Borg to discuss what the duo called, Financial Judgement Day: Shocking Forecasts for 2022-2024, while introducing their latest, Countdown to Armageddon eBook.

In the first session, the experts shared that the “same economic Supercycle that predicted the Great Depression” is now predicting the likelihood of financial turbulences in present day. The duo provided examples of how these cycles have accurately identified down markets and their implications on many industries. What’s more intriguing is this notion of “the cycle of war.” As rephrased by Jessica, the cycle of war helped the Weiss experts predict global issues just like that of the Russia-Ukraine war. Daunting of all details is one where the duo sees global conflict in the months ahead.

During the second session, Dr. Martin Weiss and Sean spent time painting three pictures of the world, each one representing the rest of 2022, 2023 and 2024. What were these pictures like? Unfortunately, the experts aren’t anticipating sunshine and rainbows, instead they showcased three components of losses, and reckless policies deployed by leaders. That said, there appears to be some good amidst the chaos and this has been represented through the ability to build substantial wealth. The duo reached consensus that if investors have the right tools on hand, the aforesaid is more than achievable.

If you haven’t guessed already, the third and final session of this 3-part interview highlights means of building wealth and protecting one’s respective family against financial distress. In this case, Sean Brodrick took the lead and shared the following:

“For the majority of investors, it is going to be bleak. But for those who are educated about what’s coming, we have every reason to believe it’s going to be fairly easy to protect their wealth and grow it very substantially. There’ll be plenty of opportunities to just that.”

Want to learn more about the discoveries made by the experts? Let’s take it a step at a time, starting with a rundown on Countdown to Armageddon.

What is Countdown to Armageddon?

Countdown to Armageddon is a financial investment eBook that covers the following topics:

  • Predictions for 2022 to 2024 and beyond, which according to the experts paints a picture of “the nightmare that keeps us up nights”
  • The great convergence of economic cycles and the cycle of war
  • The 4 phases of the crisis and the opportunity to build 4 new fortunes
  • 14 Supercycle investments that could result in 969% returns
  • Leveraged investments with the potential to pay 50 times more than what most investors make

The name, Armageddon is apt for what appears to be the greatest financial battle of all times. Investors can think of it as the final battle against all the issues that snowballed into the current inflation situation and economic disruption. Those who prevail from this grand chaos, are likely to reach the top of Megiddo, or in this case, the peak of wealth building.

Taking everything into account, here’s a glimpse into all 10 chapters.

Chapter 1: This is the Moment of Truth

The first chapter delves into the Russian-Ukraine war, while emphasizing the fact that it is not a one-time event. In particular, Sean sees some peace in the future, but not without the war’s impact reverberating for years to come. What started as a dispute between 2 countries will quickly unravel to a New Cold War between the East and West, giving rise to staggering economic impacts, regional wars and a gradually defeated global economy.

Other issues covered with precision include:

  • The impact of inflation over the next 5 years
  • Why attempts to lowering inflation will either fall flat or give rise to budget deficits
  • Why lenders and investors will limit loan approvals
  • Why the anticipated East versus West war will increase defense spending on a global scale
  • The ill-fated possibility of rising unemployment

Chapter 2: The Proven Power of Cycles

The second chapter shines the spotlight on forecasting tools used at Weiss Ratings to accurately predict major events of all times. Details on their cycles research and how it predicted events within the stock, gold, and commodities markets will be discussed.

Chapter 3: 4 Horsemen of the Economic Apocalypse

Weiss Ratings’ cycles research hinted of not 1 but 4 cyclical megatrends, which the team refers to as the “Four Horsemen of the Economic Apocalypse.” Each one is unique in nature and has since demonstrated a disruptive capacity to say the least. The experts believe that all four are coming together in the current, 5-year time horizon. These very horsemen include:

  • The First Horseman: The Biggest Debts Ever Known to Man
  • The Second Horseman: Out-of-Control Inflation
  • The Third Horseman: The Tsunami of Flight Capital, i.e., “fear money”
  • The Fourth Horseman: The Rising Cycle of War in the form of trade wars, cyberwars, financial wars, and regional wars

Chapter 4: The Latest Events Are Especially Disturbing

The fourth chapter takes a technical twist, devoting much of it to the Kondratieff Wave. Also referred to as the Supercycles, great surges, long waves, K-waves, or the long economic cycle, these waves are allegedly in line with technological innovation and periods of evolution. This wave is said to have been stroked hard in 2008 amidst the financial crisis, leading to debt and money-printing soon after.

Did you know that the U.S. national debt has risen to $30 trillion? To prevent growing debts from driving interest rates, central banks decided it was sensical to print excess money. In the last 14 years alone, the Fed printed $8 trillion but, what they failed to realize is that increasing money printing doesn’t equal an increase in economic output. It merely boosts the amount of money circulating in the economy.

Chapter 5: New European Debt Crisis on the Near Horizon

The cycle of debt first struck Greece in the early 2010s. From there, the same cycle was witnessed in Portugal, Spain, Italy and, alas, Greece again. It turns out that the European governmental burden has worsened since the last major crisis. The fifth chapter reflects upon the dangerous consequences of rising debt coupled with the Russia-Ukraine war. When governments can’t bail out a country, the next step is usually seeking help from banks, who will decide whether it is appropriate to bail out the government.

Dr. Martin and Sean have both voiced that:

“The European Union will not survive […] This will be a big blow to Japan, one of Europe’s biggest trading partners. And these powerful economic cycles are already converging right now, forming the Supercycle that will signal Europe’s future collapse.”

Chapter 6: Japan’s Debt Load is even More Extreme

The sixth chapter jumps from Europe to Japan, where the Asian country is currently facing heat for 3 overlapping conflicts:

Prime Minister, Fukuda shipped military equipment to Ukraine, leading to a termination in peace negotiations between Japan and Russia

Japan is at risk of entering war with China over the Senkaku Islands

Japan appears to be getting in the way of North Korean dictator, Kim Jong-un

Although the risk of these three countries attacking Japan is slim, Prime Minister Fumio Kishida has been reorganizing security and defense spending. This puts them in a tougher situation because the Japanese government is already in more than 1.5 quadrillion yen in debt. So, where do Dr. Martin and Sean stand in this situation? The duo believes that “Exports – still in the lifeblood of the Japanese economy – will plunge […] The economy will crater [and] tax revenues will evaporate.”

Chapter 7: Why the U.S. is the World’s Safest Safe Haven … For Now

It looks like the U.S. has been keeping tabs on the financial disruptions witnessed across the world, naturally driving wealthy investors in the country to seek safe havens. More on why the U.S. is safe momentarily will be disclosed in this chapter along with predictions for the value of the USD.

Chapter 8: Four Distinct Phases, Four Distinct Fortunes

The eighth chapter has been subdivided into four distinct opportunities at building fortunes. These include:

  • Fortune #1. Government spends, borrows, and prints money with impunity
  • Fortune #2. Inflation surges out of control
  • Fortune #3. Europe and Japan implode, driving U.S. asset prices even higher, namely in sectors that benefit from inflation
  • Fortune #4. When this crisis comes to America is when the country will have to pay to price of excess money printing

Chapter 9: We’ve Already Begun Preparations to Shield Our Own Wealth & Profit

For those of you who pondered upon the exact steps that the Weiss Ratings team might have taken, an elaborate review can be found in the ninth chapter. Currently, the team has their eyes set on 3 broad categories of investments, which include:

  • Category A: Assets that cannot be confiscated
  • Category B: Alternative assets that serve as excellent hedges against a governmental crisis (i.e., gold, silver, and other precious and industrial metals)
  • Category C: Leveraged investments, i.e., ETFs, options, small-cap mining shares, etc.

Chapter 10: A Speculator’s Dream

The last chapter is devoted to investment ideas likely to contribute towards wealth building. In fact, Sean has his mind set on five ideas, some of which include military hardware and operations, global conversion to electric cars, and shifts to U.S. energy.

This brings us to the next topic of interest, i.e., the 14 Supercycle investment opportunities between 2022 and 2027. As this is being written, we know that the 14 involve:

The likelihood of debt and war crises driving more money into defense, electric cars, and U.S. energy

The falling of the euro and Japanese yen, which might be followed by the falling of European and Japanese stocks

The inevitable crash of the U.S. dollar followed by the collapse of U.S. stocks and bonds

Greater profits are anticipated in precious metals and commodities such as:

  • Gold (target price: $7,000 per ounce)
  • Silver (target price: $150 per ounce)
  • Platinum (target price: $9,000 per ounce)
  • Palladium (target price: $4,000 per ounce)
  • Oil and energy (crude oil target: $250 per barrel)
  • Energy metals (i.e., nickel, cobalt, lithium, and uranium)
  • Food (i.e., wheat)

Clearly, Countdown to Armageddon has a lot to offer for knowledge seeking investors, however, to get hold of this eBook, individuals must first subscribe to Wealth Megatrends.

What is Wealth Megatrends?

Wealth Megatrends is an investment service that celebrates exactly that: megatrends. These are investment opportunities that disrupt how society functions, introducing major shifts in an array of industries. As an avid researcher, investor, and editor, Sean views precious metals and mining companies as megatrends, the same way he sees potential in the cannabis, electric vehicles, drone technology, and artificial intelligence industries. To Sean, it isn’t enough to identify winners, because losers are what bring a model portfolio down. And so, this service equally focuses on the need to avoid financial fallouts from geopolitical, social and cultural megatrends, ensuring wealth building with some protection attached.

What does a membership to Wealth Megatrends comprise of?

A membership to Wealth Megatrends not only guarantees access to Countdown to Armageddon eBook but also the following bonus reports:

Bonus Report #1. The Inflation Survival Guide

Sean compiled The Inflation Survival Guide to show investors how they can protect their wealth and retirement from the effect of inflation. 7 little-known investment opportunities have also been analyzed inside this report, all of which are reckoned to surge in the months ahead. Lastly, he decided to include investments that must be sold immediately. The latter have been flagged by Weiss Ratings as being “highly vulnerable to today’s chaotic market.”

Bonus Report #2. The 12 Inflation-Beating Stocks for the Next 12 Months

Using the proprietary Weiss Ratings tool, the team analyzed practically every stock on the markets to uncover 12 stocks for preserving wealth. This report dives deeper into their names, ticker symbols, industry type and many more.

Bonus Report #3. Bloodbath in Bonds

An asset class deemed one of the safest in the world is currently predicted to become one of the riskiest. The third bonus report elaborates on Sean’s argument for the aforesaid, while providing clarity on how money should be treated before the bloodbath truly hits.

Bonus Report #4. The New Precious Metals

The last of the bonus reports spotlights on the resources industry. Sean strongly believes that though gold and silver could create some fortune over time, there are 17 lesser-known resources that could be far more profitable. This report reveals each one along with the stocks that Sean feels will be most beneficial.

By default, a membership to Wealth Megatrends implies:

  • 12 monthly issues devoted to major economic trends
  • Weekly Wealth Wave Newsletter with new investment ideas and timely warnings
  • Urgent trade alerts that ensure investors take actionable steps toward wealth building
  • 365-day money-back guarantee
  • Lifetime of savings with hassle-free renewals

How much does it cost to join Wealth Megatrends?

The price is determined based on the type of membership selected at checkout. Individuals are presented with two options:

Standard Membership ($39 yearly)

  • 1 full year (or 12 monthly issues) of Wealth Megatrends
  • The bonus reports listed above
  • The Weekly Wealth Wave Newsletter
  • Urgent Trade Alerts
  • 1 full year (or 365-day) membership to Weiss Ratings Daily e-letter
  • Guaranteed lowest renewal rate
  • 365-day money-back guarantee

Premium Membership ($59 yearly)

  • Includes everything in the Standard Membership
  • 1 full year (or 12 monthly issues) of Wealth Megatrends Print Edition

For any further clarification on membership incentives or the money-back guarantee, individuals are urged to reach out to the Weiss Ratings team in one of the following ways:

  • Phone: 1 (877) 934 7778 domestically or 1 (561) 627 3300 overseas
  • Email: contactus@weissinc.com
  • Mailing Address: Weiss Ratings, LLC, 11780 US Highway 1, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33408-3080

Meet Sean Brodrick

Sean Brodrick is an editor and investment analyst of three decades. His goal has always been the same: to discover companies that are positioned for transformative results. Why? This means that the average investor can finally tap into the same source of profits as institutional investors. Unlike most editors, Sean is heavily involved, whether it be visiting mines, meeting executives in person or discovering and revealing hidden opportunities and dangers respectively.

Sean was supposedly selected for Wealth Megatrends because of his extensive contribution to the commodity Supercycle, i.e., a technique that has been caught on by experts across the globe. In fact, he edits other services like Wealth Wave, Supercycle Investor, Resource Trader, and Marijuana Millionaire as well. He also authored the best-selling book, The Ultimate Suburban Survivalist Guide: The Smartest Money Moves to Prepare for Any Crisis. Did we mention that he is a regular contributor on HoweStreet.com or that he has since appeared on several financial channels? Take notes because Sean Brodrick is a force to be reckoned with!

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, Countdown to Armageddon is an eBook that practically summarizes how society arrived at the current financial turmoil, and steps that can be taken by investors to protect their model portfolio and money altogether. While one might be quick to assume that issues elsewhere in the world are unlikely to interrupt their lives, the reality is that countries are intertwined. This especially holds true among the powerful. What might seem like a war between two countries (i.e., Russia and Ukraine) somehow has had an impact on the world. This understanding, along with knowledge on safe havens is what keeps individuals swimming in shallower waters.

By now it should be evident that access to Countdown to Armageddon requires a membership to Wealth Megatrends. As the name suggests, members will have a chance at studying the current market through an expert’s lens and this cannot be stressed enough. Trying to make predictions when geopolitical, social, and economic issues are held constant is much simpler than factoring in different issues. This is why today’s a good time to learn, otherwise, how will investors protect their wealth? Sean put it beautifully during his interview alongside Dr. Martin, “But for those who are educated about what’s coming, we have every reason to believe it’s going to be fairly easy to protect their wealth and grow it very substantially.” This is his primary goal through Wealth Megatrends. To get started, visit here! >>>

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