Come clean on source of your wealth, Raila dares Gachagua

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Late last month during a joint televised debate for the presidential running mates, Gachagua was revealed to be an accomplished businessman whose wealth he got through genuine means while the economy was thriving under the Kibaki era.

Similarly, he said he was a  civil servant who served in different government agencies.

Speaking on Monday Odinga called on Kenyans to secure him the presidency upon which he pledged to ruthlessly deal with graft.

He said that an Azimio government has an effective cure to treat corruption which he said is  “an excruciating headache that has refused to go away”.

In addition, he pledged that his administration will fulfil all the promises laid down in the Azimio manifesto.

“When you elect us, give us a period of 100 days out of which you shall see tremendous transformation in our country. We have a workable manifesto which we intend to execute in a bid to save our country from plunging further.”

His running mate Martha Karua rallied Kirinyaga residents to elect an Azimio government overwhelmingly.

In a bid to bolster and solidify the Azimio support base, Karua called for a cease-fire between Narc Kenya’s Muriithi Kagai and Jubilee party’s Charles Kibiru who both are contesting the Kirinyaga governorship bid.

“We are optimistic that Kirinyaga will vote in Azimio up to the last man. However, much as we will clinch the presidency, we can not afford to lose the other elective seats and that is why I’m calling Kagai and Kibiru to enter into a consensus on who will fly the Azimio flag in next week’s election. We can not afford to divide the votes,” she said.

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