James O'Brien bewildered as he Googles Jeff Bezos' wealth compared to Amazon workers

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5 August 2022, 12:29

By Tim Dodd

James O’Brien hit Google to compare the wealth of Amazon’s owner Jeff Bezos to its employees, with shocking results.

It comes after workers at an Amazon warehouse staged a protest yesterday in a dispute over a pay rise of 35p per hour.

The union said workers are seeking a £2-an-hour rise to better match the demands of their job and cope with the cost-of-living crisis.The GMB union said hundreds of employees in Tilbury, Essex, stopped work on Thursday after being given the measly rise.

James Googled the question of Jeff Bezos’ fortune and found comparisons such as “an employee will have had to start working in the pliocene epoch to have as much money as Jeff Bezos has now”.

“A full-time Amazon employee would have to have started work approximately 4 and a half million years ago to have as much money as Jeff Bezos,” James read.

“If you’re an average Amazon employee in America – I think you’re on more than these people in Tilbury – to have as much money as the owner of Amazon has now, you’d have to have started work 4 and a half million years ago… Come on, call me a Marxist, call me a lefty-do-gooder!”

“And the company has just offered its staff in Tilbury 35p an hour. So now it would take 4 million, 499,000, 363 days for them to become as rich as Jeff Bezos,” James joked.

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Finding further analogies comparing wealth, James said: “It is as if the average household in America has one peanut, while Jeff Bezos has a tonne of peanut butter.

“It is as if the average household in America has one white blood cell, while Jeff Bezos has the length of a finback whale.”

James was stumped when he found out that Jeff Bezos’ net worth is roughly the equivalent of being given £233,000 every day since Jesus was born.

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