Why Every Mutual Fund Investor Needs A PRO Portfolio

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It’s safe to say that 2022 hasn’t turned out to be the way most of us would have expected it to. What with soaring inflation eating into savings and playing spoilsport to plans all across the board including stocks and mutual fund schemes, it feels like the right time for a reset.

While global conditions aren’t in our hands, there is still something that we can do to arrest the slide in savings by changing our outlook towards one of the most trusted forms of growing wealth viz., mutual funds. Here’s why you need to reset your mutual fund scheme with a PRO portfolio.

What’s A PRO Portfolio –

Mutual fund schemes are designed in a structured way so as not to be affected by market conditions heavily. So, if you have an aggressive mutual fund scheme, the exposure to equities would always be higher vs another mutual fund scheme that puts your money into debt instruments. Depending on the type of mutual fund scheme, there are various categories to choose from, such as Large Cap Funds, Fixed Income, etc. depending on your investment and risk appetite.

A PRO portfolio seeks to change this perception by giving investors one of the best ways to protect their investment, regardless of the market conditions and the type of mutual fund scheme chosen. This is possible through a combination of Flexi Cap Funds, Balanced Advantage Funds, and Large Cap Funds that invest in frontline stocks.

Flexi Cap Funds work by investing across the market without being constrained by market cap or sector bias to deliver the best results. Balanced Advantage Funds are aimed towards minimising risk by rebalancing your portfolio between debt and equity investments. Large Cap Funds are geared towards increasing investment in companies that are market leaders and have the potential to weather ups and downs through multiple cycles.

PRO portfolio brings together a pro partnership of all of these three mutual fund scheme categories that aims to enhance returns in a bull market while managing risks in a bear market. In other words, the portfolio seeks to manage investors’ money depending on which way markets are headed.

PRO portfolio is ideal for those who are looking for a diversified portfolio that aims to perform in all market conditions. It is also meant for those looking to build an all-season investment portfolio.

The PRO portfolio is especially useful for those investing for bigger financial goals like retirement planning, house, children’s education, own business and for those looking to create wealth in the long term.

Where And How To Invest –

To get the best results, it is suggested investors start an SIP in each of the three fund categories for the long term. Click Here To Know More!

Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully

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