Flexi Cap, Mid, Small, Large & Mid or Focussed Funds? Which MF scheme had highest net inflow in August?

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Latest Equity Mutual Fund Investment Data by AMFI: The net inflow in Growth/Equity oriented Flexi Cap Funds was highest in August 2022 compared to Large Cap, Mid Cap, Small Cap, ELSS and Multi Cap funds, according to the Association of Mutual Funds in India (AMFI) data released today.  

The net inflow in Flexi Cap Funds last month was Rs 2099.98 crore while the net inflow in large Cap funds was just Rs 43.6 crore. Large & Mid-Cap, Mid Cap and Small Cap funds had a net inflow of Rs 1030.97 crore, Rs 1479.42 crore, and Rs 1259 crore respectively. Focussed Funds witnessed a net inflow of Rs 886.16 crore. 

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Sharing the August 2022 data today (9 September 2022), AMFI said that the net asset under management (AUM) of the mutual fund industry in August was at an all-time high at Rs 39.33 lakh crores while the mutual fund folios crossed an all-time high at 13.64 crores. The retail mutual fund folios also were at an all-time high at 10.89 crores in August. 

AMFI said that in the Equity / Growth category, the Flexi Cap, Mid Cap, Small Cap, Large & Mid Cap and Focussed schemes emerged as the top 5 in the net flows. 

Growth/Equity Oriented Schemes Net Assets Under Management as on August 31, 2022 (INR in crore) Net Inflow (+ve)/Outflow (-ve) for the month of August 2022 (INR in crore)
Multi Cap Fund 62,108.53 392.66
Large Cap Fund 240,308.23 43.6
Large & Mid Cap Fund 122,862.47 1,030.97
Mid Cap Fund 178,094.34 1,479.42
Small Cap Fund 120,464.00 1,259.98
Dividend Yield Fund 10,172.05 -29.96
Value Fund/Contra Fund 85,681.59 354.5
Focused Fund 104,348.35 886.16
Sectoral/Thematic Funds 157,811.81 -1,266.67
ELSS 153,608.45 -131.06
Flexi Cap Fund 242,438.49 2,099.98
Total 1,477,898.31 6,119.58
Source: AMFI (August 2022 data)

Mutual Fund SIP Data

As many as 21.13 lakh new SIPs were registered during August. AMFI said that the monthly SIP Contribution was at Rs 12,693.45 crores as on August 31, 2022. The number of SIP accounts stood all-time high in August 2022 at 5.71 crores crossing the June 2022 high of 5.61 crores. The SIP AUM at the end of August 2022 stood at Rs 6.39 lakh crores.

Hybrid Fund Data

AMFI said that in the Hybrid category, barring Arbitrage Fund, the rest of the five schemes, led by Dynamic Asset Allocation/Balanced Advantage Fund, Balanced Hybrid & Aggressive Hybrid had positive flows.

Fixed Income Data

Further in the Fixed Income / Debt segment, Liquid Fund, Ultra Short Duration Fund and Money Market Fund emerged as the top 3 categories which witnessed positive flows, other than

rest of the nine categories witnessed positive flows. 

Retirement Fund Data 

Solution-oriented schemes like Retirement and Children’s Savings Funds and Index Funds, and ETFs too witnessed positive flows during August 2022. The net inflow in Retirement Funds in August was Rs 41.23 crore while for Children’s Fund it was Rs 51.32 crore. 

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Commenting on the latest data, N S Venkatesh, Chief Executive, AMFI said: “Monthly SIP Contribution, SIP AUM, SIP Folios, Overall Mutual Fund Folios, and AUMs, all at an all-time high coupled with continued positive flows in most categories of mutual fund schemes, signify rising and informed investment preference towards Mutual Fund asset class. Investors continue to stay fully invested and also adhere to goal-based investing.”

“Retail Participation as a share of overall MF Industry AUM at more than 50 per cent signifies continued interest in mutual fund asset class,” he added. 

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