The royal firm: How vast is the wealth and power of the British monarchy?

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Ever since Queen Elizabeth II died last week, the eyes of the world have been on the British monarchy with even those with little or no interest in the world of the royals aware of what’s been going on.

The truce between Prince William and Prince Harry has been reported like a plot line from a soap opera while eyebrows have been arched at the relationship King Charles III has had with pens.

Then of course there is more serious matters such as the period of mourning and the lying in state of the queen, and the tributes that have come in from heads of state all over the world.

Next week there will be funeral and soon after that the global conversation is likely to move on.

But behind all the trappings of majesty, the transfer of power, the speculation and the insta stories about royals going about their days just like their subjects, there is a vast empire of untold wealth and power.

There is, argues academic and author Dr Laura Clancy, a complicit media framing of the story to suit the royal narrative and to obscure the fact that the monarchy as its is structured epitomises shadowy capitalism and a class system that – in the normal course of events – most people would consider absurd.

Dr Clancy talks to In The News about the royal family and what it does.

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