Teen Mom Cheyenne Floyd shows off $3K in designer clothes for Ryder and Ace as she’s slammed for ‘flaunting her wealth’

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TEEN Mom star Cheyenne Floyd has ignored fans’ claims she’s “flaunting her wealth,” showing off $3K in designer clothes online.

The reality star has been repeatedly accused of being overly flashy.


Cheyenne Floyd has shown off thousands of dollars in designer kid clothesCredit: Instagram/ Cheyenne Floyd


The Teen Mom OG star has been repeatedly slammed for being flashyCredit: Instagram/ Cheyenne Floyd

On Thursday, Cheyenne, 29, took to social media to show off some cute – and pricy – new outfits she got for her kids.

The reality star kicked off with a batch of Burberry looks for daughter Ryder, five, and son Ace, one.

In her Instagram Story, she joked about being “obsessed” with the designer brand as she showed off a black sweatshirt-like dress for her daughter and a matching polo-style shirt and shorts for her son.

She also showed fans a pair of Burberry slippers she bought for Ryder, revealing that she wanted a pair for herself.

The dress retails for $626, while the shirt cost $268 and the shorts rang up for $376.

The sweet fuzzy slippers Cheyenne bought cost a whopping $447, bringing the total for both outfits to $1,717.

She then showed off another batch of looks she bought for her kids, this time from Dolce and Gabanna.

Cheyenne showed off a blue and white swimsuit she bought for Ryder with a dress to match.

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The MTV star also purchased a headband for her daughter that went perfectly with the outfit.

She bought her son Ace a matching pair of swim trunks that did not feature the pattern, but came in the same blue color and had the brand’s name on the side of one leg.

Ryder’s new swimsuit retails for $305 while the dress cost about $619.

The headband Cheyenne bought cost $211 and her son’s new swimsuit retails for $211.

In total, that batch of clothes rang up for an astounding $1,135.


This isn’t the first time Cheyenne’s come under fire for her expensive taste.

In July, she was slammed after fans got a glimpse at her wedding registry, which is full of expensive items.

The Ashley Reality Roundup revealed that Cheyenne and fiance Zach Davis requested some high-priced gifts from the 300 guests expected at their upcoming wedding.

Some of the gifts on their registry included a $200 toaster, a $275 candlestick set, and a $600 Vitamix blender.

The MTV star also asked for two $170 marble trashcans and a $329 stainless steel utensil set, along with other kitchen items.

The article made its rounds online, where social media users wasted no time weighing in on the extravagant asks.

“Welp. If Paris Hilton did it I guess Cheyenne can too. I don’t get it though. People I know that actually have millions in the bank would never. Mortifying,” one person commented.

“I am annoyed that she has two different air fryers listed? Just feels like such a waste of a gift?” another remarked about other items on the list. 

“An $80 tissue holder?!? Tiny trash cans for $170? What. The. Actual. F**k,” complained a third. 

“Is Cheyenne rich and classy or does she need someone to buy her a bed and a trash can? Can’t be both,” questioned a fifth.

“That would seriously annoy me as their wedding guest, not being as wealthy as them and then seeing that,” another added.

“I would feel so…what’s the word…disgusting if I was wealthy as f**k and still asked people to buy s**t for me,” someone else echoed.

“I like nice things but that’s excessive,” chimed in another.

Meanwhile, one fan defended the Teen Mom OG star’s shopping picks, saying: “I’m sure Chey’s spoiled a** is expecting someone to buy it for them, but some people do put expensive items on registries to get the discount when they close the registry.”

She’s also been accused of flaunting her wealth when it comes to her kids on several occasions.


In June, Cheyenne spared no expense as she rented a party bus for Ryder’s first prom.

The mom of two posted a video on YouTube documenting the experience in the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van retailed for $179k on average.

When the family stepped inside the Sprinter van, Cheyenne’s first baby daddy, Cory Wharton, 31, joked about the youngster’s outlandish ride. 

“Are you sure you’re not graduating high school?” he asked.

The high-end van picked up Ryder’s friend, Charlie, on the way to the family’s destination.

Ryder told her friend, Charlie: “Come on in, Charlie, we have apple cider,” while holding an empty champagne glass.

Toward the end of the video, Cheyenne told viewers: “I feel like I did it. I accomplished something. I got my kid through pre-school.

“Only 11 more years to go.”

The van included two large flat-screen TVs, a Maybach-inspired interior, WiFi, and privacy window shades.

Cheyenne also didn’t hold back for her youngest son Ace’s first birthday party in May. 

The TV personality, who shares the tot with Zach – with whom she recently built a California mansion, treated guests to a giant bounce house, personalized ice cream, a taco stand, and professional dancers to celebrate her baby boy’s big day.


She showed fans outfits she bought her toddlers from Burberry and Dolce & GabannaCredit: Instagram/ Cheyenne Floyd


Both outfits retailed for nearly $3K togetherCredit: Instagram/ Cheyenne Floyd


She and fiancé Zach Davis have been know to go above and beyond for their kidsCredit: Instagram/Cheyenne Floyd

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