Wealth Prime 6 must-reads of the week: Top insurance sector stock bets, how a woman can quietly plan for divorce & more

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Here is a curated list of the best Wealth Prime stories of the week. We tell you about the insurance stocks that could be the next multi-baggers and the 5 reasons why analysts are bullish on battery maker Exide Industries. We also tell you about the 4 stocks with that beaten street estimates and can be good long-term bets. And lastly, how a woman can quitely prepare for divorce.

1) Why insurance stocks could be the next multi-baggers: Which are the best bets?

This story looks at the 7 driving forces that will fuel growth in the insurance sector and the top stock bets.

2) Bet on stocks that have beaten expectations: 4 stocks with up to 30% upside potential

Stocks that have outdone street expectations over time have robust fundamentals. These can prove to be valuable investments.

3) How a woman can quietly plan, prepare for divorce

If the situation is not improving despite all your efforts and separation looks unavoidable you may need to plan for future divorce quietly. Financial matters should not be confused with the emotional aspects of separation, say experts. Here are the steps that can help you prepare for the inevitable detachment.

4) Investment frauds: If it seems too good to be true, it probably is

The battle between savers and those out to defraud them has always been an asymmetric one, says Dhirendra Kumar of Value Research.

5) Make assets accessible to heirs: Take time to consider operational, procedural aspects of investing

Take time to consider operational and procedural aspects of investing, says Uma Shashikant of CIEL.

6) Exide Industries has strong growth prospects: Why it is this week’s stock pick

Revival in automobile sales, cost-control measures and better export prospects are likely to push Exide’s growth. Here why analysts are bullish on the stock.

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