AMFI’s new campaign puts the spotlight on mutual fund distributors

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The Association of Mutual Funds in India (AMFI) has rolled out its mutual funds distributor recruitment campaign, ‘Karein Shuru?’. Conceptualised by Wunderman Thompson Mumbai, the campaign includes television commercial films to reinforce the need and attractiveness of mutual funds distribution as a career option with long term earning potential for individuals with entrepreneurial aspirations.

The Indian mutual funds industry has the potential to cross Rs 100 trillion in assets under management (AUM) before 2030, A Balasubramanian, chairman, AMFI, said. “With only about 1.25 lakh mutual funds distributors as of now, the reach of intermediaries is limited. Given this under-penetration, we expect and hope that the ‘Karein Shuru?’ campaign would help the Indian mutual fund industry to onboard more distributors and reach out to a larger investor base across the country,” Balasubramanian added. 

The launch includes four TVCs depicting how individuals from different walks of life – be they fresh college graduates, individuals in rural India, mid-career professionals or small business owners and entrepreneurs – have opted for mutual fund distribution as a profession. It showcases the attractive career opportunity with its productive earning potential, benefitting not only themselves, but in the process earning goodwill from the members of society who they serve as a mutual funds distributor. The campaign targets fresh graduates, enterprising individuals with entrepreneurial aspirations.

Becoming a mutual funds distributor needs less than Rs 5,000 as initial investment, Balasubramanian said, adding, over time a combination of legacy business, new flows, and market appreciation could help mutual fund distributors grow their earnings at an exponential rate. 

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For Samarth Shrivastava, senior vice president and executive business director, WT Mumbai, the campaign is designed to build consideration for an active career option when people are forming decisions about choosing a career path. “We dug deeper in our study phase to understand the pain points & highlights of this profession and really nuanced our storytelling to the ground realities attached to this profession which you will see in a series of films targeting different target groups and ethnicities.”

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